Todmorden Lamplighter Festival returns

The Todmorden Lamplighter Festival has been sorely missed over the last few years but it finally returned on February 12th 2022. It was such a joy to see you all out dancing, laughing and just being a bit playful with giant puppets again. It’s been way too long!

As well as donations, profits from sales of these fabulous tea towels helped us raise funds for this hugely popular event.

Our lovely stilt-powered horses were designed and made by Rowan Taylor and they’re always a big hit with audiences. They galloped around Lamplighter Festival last weekend, making everyone smile.

After attending our giant lantern puppets masterclass, 12 artists and students from Thingumajig Theatre were dead chuffed with their two giant lantern puppets (fox and giant man) made in just 5 days! The makers performed with them to grateful audiences at a very magical (but rainy) Lamplighter crowd in Tod. The fox in particular was adored by the crowds.

Photos by Craig Shaw and Ian Hodgson.

So much effort went into the night thank you very much we loved it.
The way everyone responded to the fox was magical. The puppeteers did an amazing job bringing it to life. It’s interactions with children was beautiful to watch. They all reached out to touch it’s face ❤️🦊