Working with people is right at the core of what we do.

It’s all about building confidence, helping people to form networks and using those links to grow stronger together.


Making art collaboratively isn’t as easy as it looks! We’re rightly proud of the skills we have in this area. Our planning and preparation are always thorough, and we’ll listen closely to your needs. We design activities to fully engage people and inspire them to make the best art possible. 

Your community can make their own costumes; headpieces; puppets; lanterns; window displays. Whatever your project needs, our artists can design an accessible and well-organised activity.

We see the powerful results of communities working together on a shared artistic project. People making art side-by-side starts conversation. It begins as a chat about cardboard, but grows into real connections.

Shared pride in a communal effort can forge powerful bonds. Our local community has become a real creative family, with people returning year after year. The network grows and sense of ownership over place develops. 

It’s our aim to ignite as many artistic sparks as we can. Helping other communities to build these strong relationships is important to us. We’d love to help you by sharing our experience.


We can support your funding bid. We know how daunting it can be to make those applications, so get in touch if you’d like advice. Many of our past projects were developed hand-in-hand with other organisations right from the start.


We can help you to reach right across your community, there’s always an inclusive solution to get everyone involved. If people can’t come to us, we go to them! Our outreach sessions can visit schools, libraries, health-care settings, support groups – you tell us who you need to reach and we’ll design the perfect way to make a connection.

One of the year’s highlight events for me whether as volunteer, participant or observer. No purpose other than to celebrate being part of a vibrant, joyous community…touching base and sharing the sounds, colour and wonder with friends, neighbours and visitors too. Feeling the pride of the young stilt walkers and unicyclists in their new skills…it’s all fantastic… literally! Handmade Parade, thank you so much for pulling it together, even in these cash strapped times.
Thanks as always for an inclusive event. The planning, making and performing allows opportunities for everyone to participate. Handmade Parade always manages to bring our community together.