Parading with us is an incredible experience. Hundreds of people, dressed in costumes they’ve lovingly made themselves. Giant puppets, music, drum bands, stilt-walkers – everyone coming together to celebrate the local community and share their joy with the audience. Guaranteed smiles all round, and a lasting sense of pride in what we’ve created together.

Community participation is our super-power, we know exactly how to create exciting and inspiring workshops, accessible to all.

Since 2008, we’ve been empowering people to make wonderful things happen on their streets – we started right here in Calderdale with our Hebden Bridge Summer Parade, then its night time sister event, the Lamplighter Festival in Todmorden. Word spread about these spectacular community-centred events and we soon became the go-to company for bringing joyful celebration to streets and outdoor spaces nationwide.

We can provide an entire package to help get your local community involved

  • Our expert artists will design easy-to-make cardboard costumes, lanterns, simple puppets. Your parade will look spectacular and every participant will be able to access the making activities.
  • Our team are relentlessly cheerful and will engage even the most nervous participants with warmth and enthusiasm. We know that new experiences can sometimes be daunting, so we make a big effort to involve hard to reach community members and help them feel supported.
  • We can provide parade skills workshops – drumming, dance, stilt-walking etc. Your community will learn new skills and get the chance to show everyone they know!
  • Giant puppets and back-pack characters can be hired to suit your theme, or you can commission something bespoke. We can make a new puppet alongside your community and up-skill local artists.
  • Our project managers and event coordinators can help you to plan the logistics of running your parade – with decades of experience, you’re in safe hands!

Taking part in one of our parades is a really special experience – there’s a reason that people come back year after year.

If you’re keen to bring a dynamic and exciting atmosphere to your location, we’d love to hear from you. Participants and audiences will thank you for creating something spectacular right at the heart of your community. Take a look at some of our recent parades here, feel inspired and get in touch!

This was my 2 year olds first Handmade Parade and she LOVED it! From seeing familiar faces in the parade to just being mesmerised by the giant puppets! She begged for more “chickens, wolf and moon” all afternoon – thank you to all involved! I’m already excited for her that this is something she can look forward to seeing throughout her childhood, it’s just magical!