Handmade Productions Community Interest Company (CIC) is a community arts organisation based in West Yorkshire, UK. We produce spectacular events and parades, celebrating creativity and bringing together whole communities.

We have delivered thousands of unforgettable experiences across the UK for 15 years by working with and mentoring local groups to deliver breath-taking events.

Why do we do this? Because we see it making a difference, changing society and building strong links between diverse groups of people. That’s important to us, we hear every year how much it matters to our local community and we’re committed to igniting those creative sparks far and wide. By encouraging groups to make art together, we’re helping to forge new friendships and bridging gaps. We see the pride and ownership communities can feel for their local environment, streets are being reclaimed and town centres becoming joyful places to visit.

Handmade Parade have had a massive impact on my life over the past decade, possibly more! I have attended their parades as a spectator from the very early Lamplighter parades, have joined in with the volunteer make days and have now participated as a performer in two parades.

The mental health and well-being that the warm, friendly, generous and talented staff have bestowed upon me during all of these events and the friends and family I’ve brought along is unquantifiable. The ripple effect of goodness that the people of Handmade Parade generate is far reaching. The friends I have made, memories I carry with me… I could write a thousand words and it still wouldn’t be enough, so I’ll settle for thanking you all from the bottom of my heart.

The work we do is inclusive and accessible, we go out of our way to bring people together. Even the most artistically nervous will leave our workshops with a smile and a sense of achievement. While they’re busy making, they’re also talking, laughing, sharing stories. That’s where the magic is. Building relationships, working collaboratively on something exceptional – it’s a powerful way to create social change. Little by little, growing every year, before you know it there are thousands of people with a shared sense of pride and a joyous connection to the place they call home.

If you want make something magical happen in your community, let’s have a conversation.

We’ve been empowering others to make art together since our first parade in Hebden Bridge in 2008. Our team of highly experienced artists are here to help you do the same.

Sustainability and our Environmental Stance

We feel very strongly that the materials and methods we use should be as sustainable and as low impact as possible. We try hard not to use new plastics when there are other alternatives available – all our artwork and large puppets are made mainly of bamboo, willow, paper, and natural fabrics.

We are expert recycled cardboard wranglers! We’ve developed techniques over the years that make our large puppets and lanterns weatherproof and durable, without resorting to plastic. However, we do realise that sometimes there aren’t practical alternatives, and we recognise that we have a way to go. We make a considerable effort to find salvaged and recycled materials, and we re-use what we can. Waste is recycled properly.

  • Maybe you’re curious about how we could work with your local community. We can talk to you about running hands-on making workshops and masterclasses.
  • Are you fascinated by our giant puppets and walkabout performances? We can put together a hire package.
  • Do you want to commission a beautiful new bespoke creation to really make your event shine? Your ideas are just the starting point.

We’re passionate about sharing our expertise with you and spreading joy far and wide. Communities from right across the UK and beyond trust us to spark creativity wherever we go. We know exactly how to make memorable experiences with real heart – get in touch today and we’ll make something special happen together.

We’re ready to work with you.