Hebden Bridge – Handmade Parade 2022

Handmade Parade’s long-waited return to Hebden Bridge (after a Covid hiatus of three years) was again postponed but only slightly this time … due to the death of the Queen. The parade took place on Sunday, September 25th 2022.

Although due to funding limitations the event was scaled back, the parade was smaller than normal BUT no less a well-received spectacle watched by thousands!

Thanks to our amazing supporters, we met our fund-raising target which meant more workshops, more artists, more performers and generally an exciting, inclusive event for all the community to enjoy. Thanks to the British Airways Community Fund, donations over £2,000 were matched pound for pound.

Halifax Courier press article about the parade.

Ian Hodgson has been working with us for years, and he knows exactly how and where to take the most perfect photos of this parade. We’re very lucky to have him! Check out his photos of the day and also these amazing ones by Craig Shaw.

Type: Parade
Location: Hebden Bridge
Date: 25th September 2022