Cultural bridge with Kapuziner Kreativzentrum in Ravensburg, Germany

Did you know that we’ve been building a cultural bridge with Kapuziner Kreativzentrum in Ravensburg, Germany?

It’s a really interesting process, we’ve been having regular Zooms with an assortment of creative experts. So far we’ve shared knowledge and started conversations about possible collaborations. We’re excited to see where these new ideas might lead. Sue visited Germany to build some real-life connections. There’s so much potential here!

The Zooms have been incredibly informative, sparking new ideas and exciting possibilities for engagement – in place as well as virtually with the possibility of co-working to create some new art work together in the future. It has given us the opportunity to explore new relationships as well as exciting ideas and ways forward to a sustainable future working across boundaries both actual and culturally.

When Sue visited Germany to meet our cultural bridge friends at @kapuziner_kreativzentrum. She’s was made to feel very welcome found out that we’ve got plenty in common:
✅ Same tools, different names
✅ Lovely people
✅ Weird stuff in the backyard
✅ Great local beer
✅ Willow soaking solution (we use the river, but check out this cool box!)

Update September from our friends in Ravensbury.

Hello Gaia! 🤗 And thank you Sue! 🙏🫶 In our second internal workshop week for the Lichterfest 2024, we planned, sketched & built our second large figure under the guidance of our favourite artist Sue Walpole from Handmade Productions in England – Gaia, the Goddess of the Earth 🌍🤰 She’s not quite finished yet, but at the latest on 2 March for the big parade, we’ll be accompanying Gaia and the Earth in her lap through Ravensburg city centre!

Type: Cultural Bridge
Location: Online and in Germany
Organisers & helpers: Arts Council England, Goethe-Institut London

More info: Blog about the whole process