Barnsley Bright Nights

Barnsley Bright Nights has been a huge success! We have been working with lots of different community groups for this illuminated parade and have been blown away by the talent and dedication.

For example the below stunning Kestrel made by the Physical Health & Well-being Team, alongside volunteers from RSPB Old Moor. We love it! All of the feathers have been handmade by different people, and each includes a positive message. It was amazing to see it fly through the town centre.

There were also fab building lanterns as part of the Eldon Beast project for Barnsley Museums. We worked with Eldon Street HAZ to bring local buildings to life. It’s been a brilliant, collaborative project and yes, it’s as much fun as it looks!

It was a brilliant evening! Giant puppets, live music, thousands of people and kids having a good time, what’s not to like?

Type: Parade
Location: Barnsley
Date: 25th November 2023
Client: Barnsley Council
Organisers & helpers: Arts Council England, Historic England, Barnsley Museums, RSPB Old Moor, Creative Recovery