Accrington Spring Parade

We partnered with Hyndburn Leisure to deliver a series of community workshop which finished in the Accrington Spring Parade.

The parade and everyone involved were so lovely! What an incredible day at the event packed full of music, art, creativity, culture and community.

More info from Hyndburn Council.

Thank you to everyone who has joined us in Accrington town centre for what has been a tremendous community event. The organisation and effort which has gone in to making the costumes and props over the last few weeks and months has been remarkable, and what an incredible display we have witnessed today. Accrington Spring Parade really has showcased the creativity, community spirit and rich cultural heritage of Hyndburn, and to see that embraced by the local community makes us all very proud. Well done to everyone involved! Lucy Dusgate – Head of Culture and Heritage, Hyndburn Borough Council
That’s the thing about the Handmade Productions parades. There’s only ever love, colour, community and a pure raise in vibration
The energy is always something else
A lovely day with my two
Money can’t buy this
Donna Cloughy Clough

Photos by Hyndburn Borough Council (unless specified otherwise)

Type: Parade
Location: Accrington
Date: 13th April 2024
Organisers & helpers: Hyndburn Borough Council, Spring into Action CIC, Culture in Hyndburn, Community Solutions, Little Stars Nursery at the Park